Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pumpkin fever

Since nothing new is happening in my patio garden, I shall focus on my father's more happening farm. The pumpkin seeds that my parents have strewn carelessly on the ground have not only flourished, they have produced many little pumpkins!

I spotted many female flowers with a little fruit attached at the bottom.

According to mum, many of them turn yellow soon after and fall off. We have plenty of bees and pollinators at the farm, and mum has done some manual pollinating herself, so I don't see why the baby pumpkins are not growing properly. With so many new ones on the way, I'm sure we'll have some success sooner or later.

I was quite shocked to see our backyard being taken over by pumpkin and sweet potato leaves. While these provide good ground cover, the hot and wet weather is causing them to grow out of control!

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  1. The little pumpkins are so cute he he... Some gardeners here grow pumpkin in their garden/house compound also. Yeah they need some space to creep ;-)