Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let them bolt!

Remember the lettuce we were growing in our green house? Here's what they looked like one month ago.

Since we did not harvest them for eating, we decided to let them bolt so we could collect the seeds. They look like christmas trees now!

Most of them have flowers and seeds. Aren't they pretty against the sunset?

I pulled out a radish that I grew in a flower pot. It's still rather small despite growing in a pot for months.

Being located in the north-western part of Singapore, we get to enjoy beautiful sunsets at my parent's farm.

The dragon fruit plants never fail to impress us! This is a bumper crop!


  1. Beautiful lettuce and nice farm! I didn't know in Singapore, one can have the luxury of having a farm. Very interesting things you have written here! Happy gardening!

  2. Hi Stephanie
    Thanks for the compliments. There are very limited farms here in Singapore and my parents are one of the lucky few to live in one.

  3. Looks like it's dragon fruit fruiting season.
    I have one in the CG and there is presently a single giant bloom. I wonder if it would set fruit. Love all the pretty flowers seen here

  4. I love the x'mas trees!! And also, the pic of the driveway at sunset. Looks like wintertime.

  5. Chawanmushi - Yes, it is fruiting season, maybe because of the hot weather. Most of the flowers turn into fruit. Then again, sometimes they turn yelow and limp without any fruit developing. Goodluck!

  6. Petunia - Wintertime time with summer heat!

  7. For the very first time I saw lettuces growing in a farm during my trip to Tomohon in north Sulawesi recently. I only know how to eat them and not grow them....*guffaw*! Hee....hee...

  8. Hi JC - Lettuce grows well in cooler climate, so what we grow here doesn't get as big as the imported ones.