Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm not that great at Math but I'm good at multiplying, in the garden that is.

I got rid of my three soy bean plants during the weekend and tossed the beans into a big pot of soil. They've all germinated. To think that I started with only 3 soybeans, now I have more than a dozen seedlings. If they all survive, I'll end up with loads of edamame on the dinner table!

Even the kangkong stems that I've carelessly planted in the planter box are producing new shoots.

My roselle plant doesn't get spared either. The seeds have sprouted, I'm going to have more babies in my garden.

Look at how pretty a roselle flower is!

From several stalks of portalucca given by a friend, I now have 4 pots. They're fast growers that need loads of sun which my garden is currently lacking. By year end, I should have more than a dozen pots of these pretty things.


  1. The yellow portulacca flowers are so pretty. The roselle as well! Btw, do you have any good online contact for purchasing of seeds? I would like to purchase some. The plants sold at the nurseries are expensive for many dwarf varieties that I am insterested in.

  2. Hi Stephanie, I have not bought any seeds online before, so I can't offer any help. Hopefully some of my readers can offer some suggestions after reading this.

  3. It's okay ;-) Have another fabulous weekend!

  4. It's great to know that you are 'multiplying' ...LOL You're eating the portulaca too? I understand you can make a salad with it :-)