Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hortpark's vegetable patch

Would you laugh if I told you my favourite exhibit at the Singapore Zoo is not an animal? It's the vegetable and spice garden located near the reservoir bank of the sprawling zoo! It's too expensive to pay about $20 just to look at plants, so I look at the animals to make my trip worthwhile.

Of course now that we have HortPark, I can visit the vegetable garden for free. In comparison, the vegetable patch here is small and uninteresting, but then again, it's free. Here are some of the plants I saw yesterday.

This is quite an unusual banana plant. The bananas seem to be glued together.

Yam was such a common plant in our kampong but I hardly see them these days. When I saw these, I was jumping with joy.

An old cucumber.

French beans.

Yellow lemons! It's hard to find yellow lemons here. According to Hortpark, lemons thrive in cool and dry Mediterranean climate. The fruits usually turn green when grown in our tropical climate.

I love the pretty patterns of the mosaic plant. Look closely and you'll see a baby frog amongst the leaves.


  1. What a nice place! I would love to go visit this place one day. The lemon and mosaic plants are so interesting. TQ for posting these pictures. Also, thanks for the sweet potato tip. I think I would need to add some soil soon ;-) Hope that you are enjoying your weekend thus far.

  2. The mosaic plant is really unique!