Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pea shoots

One of my favourite baby greens to grow at home is pea shoots. If you get the right seeds, you will find it very satisfying to grow your own.

There are different varieties to choose from. Some seeds are harder and can withstand soaking. These I grow in a special hydroponic tray after soaking the seeds overnight. All I have to do is change water daily and harvest the shoots in about 10 days.

Another method of growing is to sow in a tray filled with compost. Generally, these peas expand by about 40% when moist, so do not sow too tightly to allow room for expansion. I mist the seeds and sprouts daily to keep them moist.

Pea shoots can be eaten raw in a salad or stir fried with garlic or noodles. The fat seed provides all the nutrients, so the shoots are packed with nutrients, carotene and valuable phytochemicals.

After you have cut the shoots for eating, new sprouts will appear after a few days. You can harvest up to 3 or even 4 times. Really good value for money.


  1. Hi!

    Can i know if pea shoots are called 豆苗 in chinese? Which kind of seeds do you recommend as the 'right one'? Thanks!

  2. Yes, you are right. From my experience, the darker ones are harder and can withstand soaking. The light green ones tend to be softer, so you don't need to soak first. All of them can be used to grow into pea shoot. You can get the seeds from Katong Flower shop near Tanah Merah MRT station or Floral Train at i12 Mall Katong.

  3. Oh.. it's a little out of the way from where i stay... i hope it's available at other flower shops. Approx how much do they cost by the way? :3

  4. Hi, What type of peas do you use. I am growing some pea shoots and they don't look anything like those in your pictures. Mine seem to have a not of tendrils and not as many leaves as yours. I sprouted them from a pack of organic dried green peas from NTUC.

  5. Hi newbie, the 2nd tray is sweet pea which is very tender and slightly sweet. They are the kind served in Chinese restaurants.

    I grew them from Pocket Greens Premium Seeds - Pea shoot. Check this website for locations where you can buy them.

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing. I am going to try out planting my own vege when my place is ready mid this year and now...collating all the things (to-dos) as I naturally have black thumbs! :)

    When you harvest them, just cut it off and leave the original seeds there for 2nd or 3rd harvest? Thanks.