Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cheery cherry tomatoes

The pack of seeds from Italy is by far the best thing I have bought from my travels. To date I have harvested hundreds of tomatoes from two plants. I let them ripen on the vine so I can enjoy the sweetest, ripest fruits. They are so delicious that we usually just eat them as a snack. Otherwise I make a salsa or toss them in a salad. The vines are getting old and are no longer very productive. It's time to grow new plants to ensure I have a continuous supply of tomatoes.


  1. Tomatoes must really thrive in sg. That moist heat! Must suggest that to my father.

  2. Actually they are very prone to disease and this is the first time I am successful in growing them.

  3. woooo what ugly feet you got!

    envy envy envy - none of my seedlings ever got to toddlerhood!