Sunday, October 6, 2013

Baby greens

L-R - wheatgrass, peashoot and kangkong.
If you do not have the space and patience to grow vegetables in your garden, I highly recommend you start with growing baby greens. They are basically vegetables harvested at the juvenile stage. Typically, you can harvest your greens for eating in less than 10 days. As the nutrients come from the seeds, there is no need to add fertiliser or other additives.

I usually sow the seeds on a thin layer of organic compost and mist them daily. They germinate quickly and can be grown indoors. Harvesting is as easy as using a pair of kitchen scissors to snip off what you need. Some larger seeds like wheatgrass, peashoot and barley grass can produce new shoots after cutting.

The vegetables taste great stir-fried or added to salads, soup, noodles or omelette. Wheatgrass and barley grass can be juiced or added to smoothies to make a highly nutritious beverage.

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