Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Showy balsam

I've never taken the balsam plant seriously. They're one of the easiest plants to grow and will thrive without any attention. I used to find their flowers too delicate and tiny, so I've never paid much attention to it.

Then out of the blue, a balsam plant started growing in my garden. It grew into a lush plant with beautiful green serrated leaves. Slowly, buds formed and turned into pretty rose-like flowers. I thought they weren't going to hang around for very long.

To my surprise and delight, the seemingly delicate flowers do not fall off or wither quickly. In fact, they're going strong for weeks now. And new buds burst into fresh flowers everyday.

In fact, the entire plant is covered with red blooms. Whenever I look out into the patio, I see this gorgeous plant with more flowers than leaves.

I have grown to love the balsam plant now.

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  1. do you have seeds for this balsam? i have pink and purple :) email me at
    -bran :)