Saturday, February 25, 2012

My father's farm

Aside from some herbs, lime, pandan, curry leaves and tomato, I don't have other edibles growing in my patio.However, it's a different scenario at my parent's home. My father is turning into a farmer! When he comes home from work each day, he heads straight to the yard to tend to his plants. I think he's hooked on growing. Every inch of available land is utilised and everything seems to thrive here, from papaya trees to herbs and vegetables.

This is the sweet basil patch.

The passion fruit vine and pumpkin vine are fighting for space on the same trellis.

The sweet potato vine and pumpkin vine are all tangled up together here.

Mum keeps urging me to bring some produce home. I spent the evening harvesting spinach, sweet potato leaves and other vegetables. Well, somebody's got to help eat up all these plants!


  1. Wow! I would love to have that space to grow herbs :-) If you would too much veg to eat, I will be in the queue to take home some. Enjoy the vegetable land

  2. wow, so impressive! I wish I had half the enthusiasm

  3. Is that Thai Basil? Your father has really green thumb. They look so lush and happy.

    If only I could say the same for my Thai Basil. :(

  4. Yes, Thai basil. And yah, this vegetable wholesaler comes by every week to buy them from my father.