Monday, September 19, 2011

Robust rocket

I haven't been harvesting the rocket salad in my garden and now they have grown so big. What I like about the rocket is it keeps producing new leaves after each harvest. I'm going to make a salad tonight using rocket, tomato and mango, dressed in vinaigrette.


  1. Hi Ting,
    Can you tell me where to buy rocket seeds? My husband and I love rocket.
    I'm hoping go grow something that the family can eat since my tomato and chili plant didn't make it.

  2. Unfortunately you can't ger the seeds in Singapore. My friend brought some back from UK for me. It's best you buy some back when you travel overseas.

  3. Hi Ting,
    Thanks for replying and for visiting my blog.
    I'll get my bro in law to get the seeds for me when he next goes to london.

    Is your birthday on the 15 sep?
    If so, we share the same birthday :)

    Anyway, a happy belated birthday to you!