Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coriander seedlings

This photo may not seem much for for me, it is quite an achievement. I have been trying to grow coriander for the umpteenth time and this time, the seeds finally germinated.

For years, I couldn't understand why my friends could grow coriander so easily. I've tried smashing the seeds (coriander seeds have a thick husk) or sowing them during different seasons. Two weeks ago, my friend shared her secret.

"Let the seeds germinate indoors."

I cheated a little by leaving the freshly sowed seeds in a cool and shady spot just by the balcony door. Technically, they are just 2 cm away fromthe living room and presto, the seeds began to germinate about a week later!

Now I've brought the seedlings out to a warmer part of the garden so that they receive a daily dose of filtered sunlight. With 10 seedlings growing in the pot, I think I'm set for the rest of the year.

What I like about growing coriander is, the leaves can really add pizzazz to a tomato salsa salad. The store bought ones don't keep very well. Having freshly harvested coriander leaves from your own garden is the most ideal. After harvesting, you will be pleased to know that new leaves will form quite quickly. You will never run out of this fragrant herb again.


  1. cool! I think you can grow everything, btw.. so was surprised you said you couldnt germinate this plant... but there, u did it! :)

  2. Oh I must try it. For years too I have tried but the seeds refused to grow. I will try your tip. Growing coriander at home is also good as they are really pricey.

  3. Hi hi

    Would coriander seeds I cook with germinate? Or do I have to buy some from a nursery? Thanks!