Thursday, April 14, 2011

Periwinkle invasion

Anyone who has grown periwinkles before will know how self perpetuating they can be. The pretty flowers turn into pods. When the pods explode, they send tiny black seeds flying everywhere. Suddenly you have little periwinkle plants growing everywhere.

I started with seeds picked from our estate's garden. Now I have periwinkle plants in every nook and cranny of my patio.

These hardy growers thrive in hot and humid climate. They will not hesitate to stretch out to receive sunlight. My boardwalk is almost fully blocked by a vigorous grower (below). I'm reluctant to trim it down.

It's a happy problem to have.


  1. Hmmm... these are hardy huh? Ok, I need hardy plants. Next plant to try when some of my current ones "kaput".

  2. Wen-ai - They need plenty of sunlight. Does your patio receive any sunlight?

  3. How lush and green your garden is! These periwinkles are like my rose campion. Self seeds like there is no tomorrow!

  4. Periwinkle can teach about survival well. I saw one periwinkle sharing space with kakdah's orchid pots, hanged 4 feet above the ground. Wonder how it gets there..

  5. I love Periwinkle as it perpetually has blooms. I have a few plants in my garden and their bright pink blooms are a welcoming sight.