Sunday, April 17, 2011

Magenta roses

I spotted Rusty hiding behind my pot of roses. He must like the pretty flowers in an unusually bright shade of magenta.

Here he is, lying beside the plant.

I spotted it at the nursery last week. Being the only one in this striking colour, it stood out like a sore thumb in the rose section. I had to bring it home to brighten up my patio. My yellow roses suddenly pale in comparison.

The portulaca (Japanese Rose) is flowering like crazy. It's a coincidence the flowers are in a shade of shocking magenta.


  1. Your roses are beautiful! No wonder Rusty likes them.

  2. Beautiful flowers! Haha, Rusty appreciates beauty too huh? Smart doggy!

  3. Umm, dogs can't see the red end of the spectrum so it's probably not the colour. Does it have a fragrance?

  4. Love the bright colored roses! Isn't it a pleasure to have so many blooms in your garden! Even your dog looked pleased!