Saturday, November 20, 2010


I've always wanted to grow sunflowers in my patio. I sowed some seeds expecting to see large big and tall plants with sunny blooms.

I've grown them before in my parent's garden. They were about 7 feet tall and laden with huge flowers.

When the ones in my patio started producing buds when they were barely 1 foot tall, I was rather surprised.

Now that the petals have appeared, I am shocked. These aren't sunflowers! They are small and certainly look nothing like the photo on the packaging!

These below are the real deal. They were taken in France but I have grown similar ones here before.


  1. The seeds actually look like small sunflower seeds. Maybe it is a different species of sunflower.

  2. Maybe its a smaller version Ting, but the colour is lovely. The same thing happened when I planted sunflower seeds given by Bangchik. Maybe thats the 2nd generation seeds, so not necessariy will be like its mother.

  3. Nevertheless the flower look lovely!

  4. Yes, it is but really quite small, like a marigold. I really want to grow sunflowers!!

  5. Hi Ting

    I think that the seeds you have are for a dwarf variety of sunflowers, at least that is what i get when i look up benih bunga (the name on the seed packet) these only grwo to about 18 inches.

  6. Ses - Ah, that explains! The picture on the packaging shows an entire field of flowers, like a sunflower field!

  7. I have just grown some sunflowers too. It's my first attempt. After seeing BangChik's sunflowers, I am determined to have some of the sunny blooms. Mine are still young and I hope the blooms would show during Chinese New Year holiday. That'd be lovely decoration for the new year.

    The seeds that I have are from a neighbour's garden. It's the big size type. I still have some. If you are keen to have them, buzz me with an email, Ting.