Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best performer

If I were to give an award to my plants, the chive will win the best performer award hands down!

Ever since I've had one pot in my garden, I could just amble into the patio and cut the leaves off for immediate cooking.

This is what the plant looks like now. Completely bald.

In no time, new leaves will grow and I'll get to eat chives again.

Every cook should grow some in the garden.


  1. Hi Ting..how do you plant them, by seeds? I would like to try too cos I love to cook them stir fry with bean sprouts (tauge) or add to wheat flour to make cucor ikan bilis/udang.

  2. P3chandan - I got lucky cos my dad brought some bulbs back from someone's farm and grew them in the yard. I simply dug some out and planted in my garden.

    I have tried growing from seed and it is not easy. What you should do is find someone who grows them and ask for some ready plants.

  3. ahh... chives are different from Spring onions?? I just planted an onion in my planter box last week, since it was sprouting green shoots, so might as well.

  4. Wen-ai - They are different! Chive is the kind used in 'koo chye kuey'. Spring onion is another plant that's useful. I should grow some as well. Coriander also.

  5. I would love to grow coriander in my garden. My 2 seedlings didn't survive. I have sown many seeds but only 2 germinated. Sigh! Think I should not give up coz coriander is one of my fave vegie. I find it very convenient to have spring onions in the garden too. Just snip a bit whenever I need them.

    As for chive, I don't know how to cook it. Seems like many of our gardening bloggers have it in their garden too. How do you usually use chive in your cooking, apart from Chandan's methods?

  6. JC - Coriander is rather tricky. They need shady and cool spots. I've had seeds that refused to germinate as well but my friend grows hers under a green netting and they always grow up nice and healthy.

    Chive is not as versatile as spring onions. I use them in stir fries, like with bean sprouts, omelettes or with noodles. If you cook mee siam, you can sprinkle some chopped chive before serving as well.