Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New growths

Recently I sowed some sunflower seeds but only two managed to germinate and grow. According to the description on the packet, it is able to grow to 2-3 metres tall. I've had really tall sunflowers before back at the farm which produced huge blooms.

These are less than a foot tall and I've already spotted a bud forming (below). I guess we can never totally trust what's written on the pack.

The cycad plant was completely bald at one point and suddenly, new shoots have sprouted rapidly.

Only trouble is, the cycad blue butterfly is back. It lays eggs on the cycad plant and soon caterpillars will devour the fresh shoots. They are such a nightmare and can destroy a plant within days!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ting, your sunflower plants already budding at such height! Wow, I am looking forward to see yours blooming.

    My sunflower seedlings are still young. The seeds that I collected from my neighbour's sunflowers germinated in 2 days. But I didn't have time to transplant them so some of the seedlings died. I hope my plants will give me blooms too.