Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet corn

Remember the sweet corn jean that I germinated at home (in early March) for the school garden? The good news is, they have produced ears of corn. I counted 15 yesterday and am pretty sure more are developing as I speak.

The rainy weather is indeed a blessing. Now that the soil is moist and fluffy, everything is growing well.

The okra plants in the foreground are no longer stunted while the sweet corn in the background look sturdy and healthy.

The school holidays are coming and the kids won't be back until 28th June. The corn should be ready for harvest by mid-June. I hope they will still taste good when school starts!


  1. I an see the corns peeping out already. I didn't realise it take so long for the 'fruit' to form ;-)

  2. Almost 3 months. Quite fast! :-)