Friday, April 3, 2009

Inconsiderate people

This morning, I walked out to the patio to find used tissues and even a 'koyok' (medicated plaster) in my garden. I live on the 2nd floor. Unlike the 13 units above me, only ours comes with a patio garden.

I've found tissue paper, ice cream sticks, cotton buds, cigarette butts and sweet wrappers in my patio from time to time. Other lower floor tenants with a balcony are also experiencing the same problem. We have spoken to the managing agent about this.

My neighbours above must surely know that this is a private garden and seen me lavishing lots of tender loving care on my plants. Would they allow someone to enter their home and throw rubbish on the floor? Then why can't they spare a thought for us?

What if a cigarette butt lands on my plants or laundry and catches fire? It may sound far fetched but the consequences is unimaginable. I really cannot tolerate inconsiderate acts like this.


  1. That is seriously uncool.

    Have you tried yelling upwards when you see pieces of trash?

    I hate smokers and the smell of smoke. There was one time when I was in my garden and I smelled cigarette smoke drifting down from someone smoking at the window of a flat above me. I was quite pissed and yelled up for the person to stop smoking or get away from the area.

    It's sometimes good to take a direct approach.

  2. I've been trying to catch the culprit in action. It's rather difficult as there are 13 apartments above mine and most people stay indoors. You bet I'll shout when I see the culprit!

  3. We live on the 8th floor and there are another 8 units above us. It used to be the sort of rubbish u've been getting but after shouting insults to "all and everyone above, hear me, u &*%FFFF", on a few occasions, the nuisance stopped. But nowadays I've to watch out whenever there's a huge downpour because some idjit upstairs chooses that time to scrub his/her balcony and dirty, soapy water comes cascading down.. judging from the ruckus above me, it isn't the unit immediately above...that's highrise living for u!!

  4. Auntie Lucia - Heh, so you've got the same problem too. I wish I had more chutzpah to yell at all 13 tenants above me! I'm on friendly terms with the one directly above me, so you're right.It has got to be the ones higher up because they think I will never be able to confront them.

  5. Hi,
    I live in at the ground floor of a low-rise condo in the east area. Same thing like you, got 'gifts'(tissue paper and HAIR~) from the 4 levels of units above. I also yell loudly back like a 'ah lian' since then i have not seen anything else so far.