Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One month old

How time crawls in the garden, my vegetables are finally 1 month old. Still some way to go before they make it to the dining table.

Strong winds, harsh sun and dry weather are not exactly the best conditions for these young vegetables but they seem to be doing well. They're always thirsty, so I have to keep watering them several times a day to keep them happy.



Chye sim.

Kai lan.
I planted this last Sunday while I was cooking curry. One of the potatoes had shoots growing out, so it presented an opportunity to grow a potato plant in my patio.

I sowed some egg-plant seeds weeks ago. They took a really long time to grow to this stage. Maybe they need more shade and water.


  1. They look really good! I popped by Ban Lee Huat today for seeds and the uncles advised me against buying spinach seeds - said even if they grow, the spinaches won't grow tall. Yours look fabulous, though!


  2. Good to hear you finally got to the store! Actually amongst all my vege, the spinach is the one that's growing very well. I bought the 'sharp' leaf type cos I prefer the taste compared to the round leave type.

    What seeds did you buy?

  3. Ooh, really? I can't remember what type of spinach I usually eat (you can tell I don't cook much, lol). So I just "hantam." I don't like the taste of malabar spinach though.

    I bought lettuce and kangkong seeds. My corridor has no space now that it has been mostly taken up by herbs. Until I clear my herbs, I think it'd be hard for me to plant vegetables. Until I get my own place, that is.

    Do you plant your spinach under full sun? I'll head back and get the seeds soon. I love spinach.

  4. Hi Casey
    Yah, you need more space for vegetables and if you wish to harvest them for eating, you'd need several batches going on at one time.

    Vegetables need about 4 hours of full sun daily. Mine are getting too much afternoon sun and are starting to turn abit yellow because of the heat. Best is to put yours where it gets morning sun.

  5. Mine get about six hours of afternoon sun a day, but they are sporadically shaded by the sun-loving herbs so I'm not terribly worried.

    Btw, I saw your post on the orchids at your parents' farm. Where is it located, may I ask?


  6. Our farm is at Sungei Tengah Agrotech Park. Our neighbours are Seng Choon Egg and Kok Fah Vegetable Farm.