Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bad dog!

Rusty dug up part of my Kai Lan patch during the weekend. He used to trample on my plants while we were living at the farm but so far, he has not destroyed anything in my patio. He hardly ventures out to the patio on his own actually except to sunbathe.

Maybe he was throwing a tantrum because I didn't bring him to the market with me. Or he could be digging for earthworms. My kai lan shoots were growing so well but now some of the uprooted ones have died. So annoying. If he does it again, I will ban him from going near my vegetable patch.


  1. Oh no! Rusty throwing a tantrum! Sorry to hear that.

    Love the picture of you and Rusty. Isn't your friend clever.

  2. I think he's just being himself ... a dog ... hehehe ...

    Btw, cool new blog :D

  3. Oh dear...sorry to hear about that. :-((( Hope he'll stop doing it! Btw, I LOVE KAI LANNNNN!!!!!!!!