Friday, January 23, 2009

Farm life

If you can see the stuff growing at our farm, what I have in my little patio garden is pathetic. Then again, land is so precious in Singapore, my parents are the very lucky few who can enjoy the farm life in our little urban city.

We planted this hibiscus years ago and it has never stopped flowering.

Our passion fruit plants are only a few years old but they're always laden with fruits.

This lime plant has lots of limes too.

Our dragon fruit plant produces fruits every now and then.

Sweet potato leaves growing in abundance.

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  1. Wow, having passion fruits in your garden, how lucky of you!! I gotta get mine from the fruit stall. There isn't any space for it in my garden. A neighbour of mine turned his clothes hanging rails into trellis for his passion fruits. His wife is deprived of space to hang their laundry! I wish I have an orchard land too!