Monday, August 12, 2013


Every morning, I stand before my tomato plants to see if I can spot any new fruits developing. To date, I have 8 and counting. As they grow bigger, the shape changes from oval to hour-glass, I'm pretty curious how they will eventually turn out.

The calamansi plant is also filled with fruits. This plant is so productive, I've a constant supply of calamansi which is perfect for making a piquant Asian salad dressing or a refreshing iced drink. Even though the fruit is available cheaply at the market, nothing beats eating your own organic ones. Every house should grow one.


  1. Hi, I tried growing cherry tomatoes..they don't have much leaves but will flower at the top of the plant but no fruits. it is the only plant in the pot. I water it every day. do you have any idea what is wrong? Thanks!

  2. I believe the problem lies in no pollination between the flowers. I have many insects in my garden to do the job, but I am not sure about yours. You might havr to do it manually.

  3. Hi Blur Ting, looking at your blog and your success in growing these veggie, are far from being blur !!
    Where do you get your seeds from ? I am interested in planting kang kong,and tomatoes and other vegetables, but am unsure if they can survive in the corridoor of a HDB flat ?!

  4. Hi Linna, to grow vegetables, you need direct sunlight otherwise they will not be healthy. You can get seeds from the nurseries but my advice is to pick those that are not too close to expiry. For beginners, work with tropical vegetables as the chances of success is higher.

    You can even try growing cherry tomato from the seeds of the tomatoes you eat. My mum did that and had a plant that produced lots of cherry tomatoes.