Saturday, October 13, 2012

Final rocket harvest

The weather had been so hot lately. I returned from my trip to Kuching to find most of the rocket leaves parched and partially scorched. I salvaged some good leaves for my mango salsa and pulled out the rest to make way for a new batch.

These two pots of rocket have served us well. I've made so many delicious salads for dinner and these plants kept producing new leaves after each harvest. They also did not attract pests like the way other vegetables do.

I've just sowed some wild and cultivated rocket in my patio. My only worry is, the patio is getting way too much sun at this time of the year, my rocket might not do so well under the heat.

We'll see.


  1. Hi BT

    where can I get rocket seeds or whatever for planting?

  2. If you're living in Singapore, I don't think you can find any rocket seeds. I got mine from Europe. If you have friends visiting, you can ask them to bring you some.

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