Saturday, October 27, 2012

A very small harvest

I harvested the edamame from my few plants today. There wasn't even enough to fill a small bowl but I was determined to eat them instead of leaving them on the plant like the last time. They were lightly boiled in salt water and MY GOSH, I had never tasted such sweet edamame before!

The beans were sweet and slightly crunchy, nothing like the ones served in Japanese restaurants. I think they are best eaten straight after harvest because like sweetpea and sweetcorn, they turn starchy quickly once they leave the plants.

Now I am even more convinced that I should grow more in the garden. After eating these few beans, I doubt I will ever fully enjoy store bought ones.


  1. Very inspired to try cultivating but how do we get hold of the seeds?

  2. Try using the normal yellow dried soy beans.

  3. Can it be grown in partial sunlight say along corridors?