Monday, July 30, 2012

So much to grow

I have purchased so many different kinds of seeds during my recent travels but have been too busy to grow them. It's time to organise my garden and make space for these vegetables.


  1. what fertilizer do u use? i brought back cambodian daun kesom frm san francisco. it's better than our daun kesom bc it's smooth, doesnt hv 'hairs'. want some stems?? also, dill grows very well in our weather, do u know?

  2. Hi Terri
    I usually use chicken manure pellets to fertilise my plants. I would prefer to have a proper garden cos it's just not the same growing things in containers.

    I have grown daun kesom and dill before but didn't really use them very much. Now I grow oregano, rosemary and sage which I use for marinating chicken.

  3. Collecting seeds while travelling is very handy indeed. I wish I had that opportunity - seed selection in Malaysia is very disappointing, with only two brands to choose from.