Friday, November 4, 2011


Recently I bought a cute succulent because I was attracted to the curly leaves. The plant came with long limpy flowers which weren't attractive by any stretch of the imagination.

After the flowers were gone, I was intrigued to see small red ball-like fruits forming at the tip of the leaves. The fruits look succulent, almost like you could eat them.They are small though, like the size of grapes.

While watering the plant today, I noticed that some of the ripe ones have indeed been eaten, likely by birds visiting the window sill. The flesh inside is white with lots of tiny black seeds, almost like miniature dragon fruits. I am curious to know what this plant is. If you can help me identify, that would be great.

We've had dragon fruits growing at my parent's farm for years, so there is indeed some similarity except that the real dragon fruit plants tower over me and they produce really large fruits. (below)


  1. Actually, I think it is dragon fruit... just mini because of the pot

  2. I'm not so sure but better find in detail before having a bite!

  3. I have both this plant and the dragon fruit one, big size difference. The fruit is edible and very delicious. Would love to know its name aswell!

    1. Epiphyllum phyllantus Guatamalense (Montrose)

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  6. Epiphyllum phyllantus Guatamalense (Montrose)