Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sweet longans

I waited six long years for our longan tree to bear fruit and finally, we're enjoying homegrown longans for the first time!

A friend gave me the sapling years ago. I planted it in my parent's yard and have been waiting for harvest ever since. It's still a small tree. I thought the growth was stunted and had given up completely until I saw some flowers last year. Unfortunately the flowers fell off without developing any fruits.

Seeing its potential, my father must have nurtured it back to health because we're having a good harvest this year. The flesh is softer and sweeter but lacks the crunch of the Thailand species.

Considering it is organic and homegrown, it's the best longan I've eaten!


  1. Awesome! I just bought a plant few days ago and hoping that I will get harvest like yours too! Enjoy :-)

  2. I'm sure you will. Many plants in the neighbourhood are just laden with fruits!