Sunday, May 1, 2011

A real farm!

My parents must be the luckiest people in Singapore to live in a farm. They've got fruit trees and vegetables growing in the front and backyard.

The passionfruit vine is filled with big round passionfruits.

The flower is so pretty.

There's an old grape vine too.

The dragon fruit plants are doing well. It's fruiting season.

This is the bud of a dragon fruit flower.

The starfruit trees are also filled with tiny pink flowers and fruits.

This ripe one is ready for eating.

They even have their own yam plantation.

This vegetable is very popular here.

The tree below is grown from a seed of the milk fruit which I brought back from Vietnam.

The longan plant is also flowering.


  1. Extremely nice. :)


  2. You are extremely lucky!! The passionfruit is simply so pretty with the flowers and all.. OOO.. what am I talking about??!! Everything is lovely.. I love all of it!!

    Oh! I have heard of the milk fruit.. apparently it is delicious and you gotta massage it before eating? Do let me know if there is any fruit from your tree..

    By the way, is your parent's farm open for visiting? I would love to visit when I get to Singapore..

  3. Lucky indeed and very good use of the land too! A tropical garden is so fruitful.

  4. How lucky indeed! I have a passionfruit plant just growing. There's also a longan but it doesn't fruit. Perhaps your parents can advise:)) The starfruit is flowering but no fruit has formed yet. I grow these in my back garden.

  5. It's so fortunate that your parents have their own farm where you can explore and also enjoy the harvest.

  6. Are there snakes, sometimes?