Friday, February 25, 2011

Rocket and friends

When my friends came from UK two weeks ago, they brought me some seeds of the wild and cultivated arugula (rocket). I love this peppery salad green but found it impossible to get the seeds in Singapore.

The moment I got the seeds, I quickly scattered them in my garden. They are not called rocket for nothing. These are fast growers and they germinated within 2 days. Now I have 2 large pots of rocket in my garden.

The weather must have been good for the plants for they are all flowering all of a sudden. The miniature rose plant is filled with gorgeous yellow blooms.

There are pink periwinkle flowers everywhere.

Even the adenium is flowering for the very first time.

And the best thing is, this funny looking succulent given by a friend has produced a cute little bud.


  1. Hey, if you want more rocket seeds, I can send them to you from Oz ;)

  2. Woahhhh.... I want!! I'm so thick-skinned. I'm kidding actually.. I'd want but probably not yet.. I need to restore some balance back in my balcony.. have been ignoring my plants recently!

  3. OKC, I'll pass you some when we next meet!

  4. My Sinfonia - Thanks! I'll try to let some of mine bolt to get more seeds. If that doesn't happen, i'll ask you for some.