Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big yam, small yam

Six months ago, I blogged about the yam which I grew in my compost bin. At that time, young leaves were just starting to appear from the stump I buried in the soil.

Photo taken on 6 September 2010.

Look at the difference now. The episcia is jostling for space with the yam. And the 'mother' yam has produced two smaller offsprings.

Photo taken today.

The mother yam has a big tuber. I'll harvest this big one and let the offsprings produce more tubers for me.

The other smaller variety that I've grown in a smaller pot looks ready for eating too.

Small variety.


  1. Wow! That's huge tuber! What you cook with it?

  2. Malar - Not sure yet. If the texture is good (dry, fluffy), I may steam. Otherwise, I could make a savory dish.

  3. This yam not gatal one isnt it, so I prefer to eat the stems masak asam with ikan bilis and sambal balacan! If the tuber, will make some sweet delicacy with gula melaka and coconut milk.Yummy!

  4. The ubi keladi is huge!... Fry them is nice... I am planning to grow 9 of these in a row soon. they are still babies.

  5. P3 chandan - Wow, I never knew the leaves can be eaten! I like sweet yam desserts too.

  6. Bangchik - I am sure yours will grow large tubers since you're growing them in the ground. My dad started growing after hearing about mine, and his plants are huge!