Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My basil family

The basil is an amazing plant. When I first brought it home, it was just a wisp of a plant. Then it grew into a bush. I use the leaves for cooking... the more I cut, the bushier it gets.

I put the little stems that I cut back into the soil and they grow into little basil plants. Now mother and children are doing well.

Soon, we will have one big basil family. I must thank the nice lady at the community garden for giving it to me.


  1. ah, basil, the wonderful herb. i love it cooked with chicken ala taiwan style, 3 Cup Chicken! kekeke.....

  2. I have been hopeless when it comes to planting basil. After many attempts, eventually I was able to grow a bush well. But I was too worried about pruning them. Eventually, they died on me. Now I am trying to grow them using the method you used with lemon grass. I soaked the stem in water and let roots grow. Hope this time, they will grow. Cross my fingers.

  3. JC - I'm hopeless at growing lemon grass! Even though they grew well initially, they finally died. A friend told me they don't grow well in pots because the roots need lots of space to grow downwards.