Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rocking rocket

I can never quite understand how to take care of rocket. When I lavish too much care and attention, they collapse and die. But when I leave them in our office's balcony, they seem to thrive. Mind you, our balcony is so hot, most plants just drop dead. 

These two pots of rocket have been here for months. Sometimes they get wrinkly from the heat but after dousing with water, they bounce back to life again.

I'm going to cut some leaves for dinner tonight. The more I cut, the faster new leaves will grow!


  1. Such a healthy looking plant! Wish I had enough sunlight (and space!) to grow stuff

  2. I'm currently at year 2010 of your blog post! what an inspiration!! was so excited to see the fig plant blossom. u gave me home in gardening. I've recently started a small herb garden at home and there have been successes and failures so far. Best one so far is multiplying of my basil plant from one pot to 6 pots!!! really satisfying! ive tried sowing corriander and sage seeds but non of them germinate. may i know what's the best soil to use? for sowing and growing in general do they use the same kind of soil? and i read that u have a compost bin, do i add food waste into this bin and use this mixture as compost? and last question, ive been watering my herbs with a garden hose at low pressure, i try to water at the bottom as the water always flattens the leaves. but i cant always get to the other side of the pot cus its out of the way, is a watering can with tiny holes better? sorry for all the questions! and thanks in advance!!!!

  3. Hi. How do you start to plant rockets? Do u start with seeds?

  4. Hi. How do you start to plant rockets? Do u start with seeds?