Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A salad fairytale

It reads like a fairytale. Buy salad, eat the leaves, grow the stump and eat more leaves. Well, it happened right here in my patio.

The robust regrowth of new leaves is quite amazing. I made a large salad out of them. In fact, I find the new leaves more tender and tastier after the regrowth.

Salad leaves with tomato, sauteed onion and portobello mushroom, walnut, raisin and parmesan.


  1. Wow..I never thought we could regrow salad from its stump..I'm not having luck with the seeds though..I'll definitely try it next time I bought salad..

  2. It only works if the roots are still healthy and fresh.

  3. Hi Blur Ting, I m a newbie in gardening n I definitely do not have green fingers but I would love to grow my own vegetables. I have tried growing bai choy, spinach from seeds but after they have germinated they just seems to stop growing. So I do not know if it's the seed problem or the soil problem. I grew them in a long planter pot. What kind of vegetable seed is easy to grow and can see harvest soon. Like to seek your advice. Thks n have a nice day..:)

  4. Good to see you're still planting!! I'm so glad to read it's been sustainable for you!

    How many batches of re-growths have you done?

  5. Hi Michelle
    You need to give them direct sunlight. Also, the soil must be loose so you don't have water retention problems. Try kang kong for a start as they are easy to grow and fast growers.

  6. I harvested 3 times before it died and rotted away.