Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My own figs

I've always wanted a fig plant. When my friend gave me his, I was happy even though it didn't look very healthy. Thankfully I managed to nurse it back to health.
And lately, it is fruiting too! The whole reason why I wanted a fig plant is because I love eating fig but the imported ones here taste so bland. Those I had eaten overseas tasted so sweet and delicious because they were harvested at their prime. I'm going to let my figs ripen before I pick them.


  1. Wonderful! Hope to have updates on your fig soon!

  2. Wow...I m so inspired by your planting journey. I have "black thumbs" but have given myself a challenge to start planting my own fruits and vegetables this year. Kinda like a new year resolution! :)

    I am from Singapore as well and I will definitely visit your blog again to see what I can plant! Cheers!