Monday, September 23, 2013

Good tomato harvest

This is my most rewarding gardening experience so far. For years, I have been trying to grow tomatoes in my garden. For some reason, they always die before I can even smell of any harvest. I have blamed it on the humidity, pests and pure bad luck.

When I was on vacation in Italy, I bought a pack of tomato seeds. I left it in the cupboard for a year before deciding to sow the seeds in planters. The seeds germinated very quickly and grew into strong healthy plants. I've had robust tomato plants die on me overnight, so I wasn't expecting them to live very long.

To my surprise, they grew into big plants, climbing over the railing and twining over each other. Then flowers developed and turned into bunches of cute cherry tomatoes. When they started turning red one by one, I knew I could finally relax and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

The three plants have been giving me ripe fruits everyday. It has become a habit to walk into the garden, pick sweet vine-ripened cherry tomatoes and pop them straight into our mouths. I also use them in my salads, salsa, pizza and stir fries. My wish has finally come true.

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