Thursday, April 25, 2013

Growing vegetables is easy

Growing vegetables isn't so difficult as long as the conditions are right. I've been growing tropical vegetables like spinach and kang kong in these small planters measuring about 17x17cm. Vegetables thrive as long as they receive enough sunlight and water. It is important to choose a growing medium that provides good drainage.
The best thing about growing kang kong is they continue to grow after each harvest. I leave about 2 cm of stump and new leaves will grow very quickly within days.

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  1. Hi!

    I am a newbie at gardening and have just purchased some kangkong seeds and compost from Pocket Greens to try.

    Do they need a lot of sunlight? Currently we place them in the balcony in the flat but we do not have direct sun for long. We also do not have sun in the corridors (unlike the older flats).

    The veg growing kits you used in this post, will the kangkong grow to a size like what we get from markets? If I am growing them in a small pot, how deep should I put my compost?

    Pardon me if my questions sound silly, I am a total noob. If you could give some pointers and advice, that will be much appreciated!

    Thank you!