Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gigantic plants

I haven't been back for 2 weeks and how the plants have flourished at my parent's house. I can't identify what kind of gourd or squash this is but it has been productive.
 I found two small gourds and according to my mother, the last one they harvested was huge.
 The Chinese mustard vegetables are humongous, they look like shrubs.
One mustard plant has already bolted and is full of pretty yellow flowers.
 The curry trees are big and lush.
My father is starting to grow culinary herbs too.


  1. OMG.. i wish i live next to your father garden, so i can be his disciple ;)

  2. Greetings from Japan... found your blog through Diana (Malay-Kadazan Girl)... envy the healthy looking curry plants... I should try growing them in Japan...

  3. Hey Lrong! Curry leaves are so useful. I don't think they can tolerate winter but still, you should try!