Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vegetable patch at HortPark

I was at HortPark yesterday and naturally, I got really excited when I reached the vegetable patch. I took so many photos of the tropical vegetables until my camera battery went flat!

This is the tumeric plant. Tumeric root is used in our Asian cooking.

The tumeric flower is really pretty.

This is a small olive tree. I wish I have one in my garden.

Did you know that your favourite cincau drink is made from the leaves of this plant?

In case you've never seen a groundnut plant, here it is.

The ladys fingers here are so fat, they look quite scary.

A very lush winged bean vine.

Close-up shot of the winged bean flower and fruit.

A bolting kai lan vegetable.

The long bean plant.

It is easy to grow radish in Singapore.

Asparagus grows well here too.

In case you're wondering, only the young shoots of the asparagus plant are edible. Can you see a tiny one emerging from the ground?

Brinjal (eggplant).

A large kangkong patch. If you're new at growing vegetables, start with kangkong. It's almost foolproof.

The sponge gourd vine. The dried ripe fruit is the source of the loofah, the kind you use for scrubbing your body or dishes.


  1. I love it that you have parks with vegetable patches! I think it will encourage those who visit to develop love for vegetables and have the joy of having things grow that nourishes you...

  2. your pic truly inspires me! thumbs up!