Thursday, December 22, 2011

Onion and tomato seedlings

It's probably not the best time to sow seeds due to the wet weather but I couldn't help myself. The onion seeds have germinated but they are still very weak. Many get washed away when the rain comes pelting down.

When I use fresh tomatoes for pasta, I usually discard the seeds. That day, I decided to sow them instead. Now they have all germinated.

I'm not very keen on growing tomatoes actually, because the plants attract lots of mealy bugs. Also, it is not easy to nurture them to maturity. I'll be lucky if I can get even one good sized tomato for my dinner plate but a gardener never gives up.


  1. In our part of the world it is blight that causes a problem with tomatoes.

  2. Hey Sue, you've got a few really good blogs on gardening!