Sunday, June 26, 2011

Growing vegetables @ office

Now that my home patio space is fully utilised, I'm growing vegetables at our office balcony. The space here is ideal because of the amount of sunlight we receive during the day.

We sowed a handful of lady's fingers seeds a week ago and they have all germinated. The pot is overcrowded, we've got to transplant them soon.

We put two brinjal seeds in the soil and they both germinated as well! All the seeds are quite old and we're really surprised by the good result.

The spinach seedlings are growing steadily. Just a week ago, they were so tiny, but they seemed to have shot up over the weekend.

Today, we added another new vegetable in our collection. I hope they'll do well in our balcony. Will keep you posted.

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  1. ting! i need help! do you know of any plants that thrive under A LOT of Sun? like hot hot sun! Our balcony has got direct afternoon sun and even my star daisy is turning crispy!