Saturday, January 15, 2011

So much rain

We have been getting lots of rain lately, my plants are well hydrated, so much so that the episcias are doing so well.

I was quite surprised to see the succulents thriving as well.

Last Christmas I bought a high pressure water jet for more efficient cleaning of the patio space. After a major clean-up, my garden looks quite bare and neat now. I ended up with lots of empty flower pots and garden soil. While I was tempted to grow more episcias, I decided to take advantage of the cool season to grow some lettuce and coriander. I hope to show photos when the seeds germinate.


  1. I have espiscias too and they are thriving in the rain.Happy weekend gardening!

  2. Hello... got here thru' Malay-Kadazan girl's blog... look forward to seeing your lettuce and coriander...

  3. p3chandran - I agree, they are one of the easiest plants to grow. And they sure multiply quickly!

  4. Lroing - Welcome to my blog! I hope the coriander seeds germinate. I've had batches that simply refuse to germinate in my garden.