Sunday, December 5, 2010

Distressed rosemary

The rosemary bush in my patio, once my pride and joy, has been showing signs of distress lately. Little by little, the branches began to dry up. Now all I have is a dried up bush.

I have trimmed it down completely hoping that new sprigs of leaves will start growing again. Luckily I have propogated two small pots from this plant, just in case I can't revive this old bush.


  1. Oh no~ Is it due to the rain? You must be heartbroken.. I would be..

  2. Indeed! By now, I have come to terms with it because it dies slowly on me.

  3. I feel sad looking at your rosemary too Ting. I remembered seeing a big, lush bush of rosemary in one of your posts. Anyway think positive. Bad things don't last. Your 2 other pots of rosemary may even grow bigger.