Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your feedback needed

Recently a student researcher from the National University of Singapore wrote to me seeking my opinion about a project he is working on.

He is studying a gardening gadget from USA called Easybloom, and is thinking of redesigning the parameters of the product to benefit the gardening community here.

The EasyBloom was created for anyone who has experienced the frustration of not knowing what plant will thrive in a specific location or anyone who has been unable to figure out what is wrong with a plant that isn't fairing well.

Priced at around S$85, it has built-in sensors to measure light intensity, humidity, temperature, and moisture content in your soil.

The gadget has 3 settings - Recommend, Monitor and Water.

Place the gadget in a location you wish to grow something, let it sit there for 24 hours, plug it into your computer, and it will provide a detailed analysis of your planting area and recommend a list of plants, from a database of 5000 plants, that would thrive in that location.

Monitor setting allows you to diagnose problems with a particular plant. Define the type of plant you wish to monitor, turn on the device and place it next to the not so healthy plant. 24 hours later, plug it into your computer. The data stored in the sensors will give you a diagnosis of the plant’s ailment.

The 'Water' setting notifies you when you need to water your plants. More information can be found in this website

To help him in his research, I would like to gather some feedback from my readers. Do you think this gadget is practical, affordable and appealing?


  1. Hi Ting, actually.. I did see this post of yours.. hehe.. I was thinking it'd be so nice for someone who has a house and a garden... but for me who grows everything in little pots here and there.. I'd have to run an analysis for every pot and I think after 5 pots I would have given up... But it does sound cool say if u have a large garden in your backyard.. to be able to get advice on which parts of your garden can be suitable for certain plants... :)

  2. Hi Ting, my comment is the same as OKC too. It's a nifty little device if you have a larger plot of land and small problematic areas, but if we're apartment dwellers, I don't think the price justifies the functions also. Lol.

  3. Hey ladies, thanks so much for your feedback. I have also told the research student the same thing, that I'm of a trial and error kind of person and I use my intuition more than anything. Thanks for the comments. I hope he can glean some useful input from here.