Saturday, December 5, 2009


My garden has been so neglected, just like my blog, it was in a state of disgrace. I dedicated all morning removing dead leaves and throwing out diseased plants until a downpour sent me indoors. The rain gave me an opportunity to scrub the patio and unclog the drainage.

The garden is tidy and green now. Maybe a little too green. I need more colours!

More photos of the different sections.


  1. Hello blurting, my garden has a lot of green too! Nevertheless, your garden is still looking good. Btw, did you plant those palms in containers? Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Hi Stephanie
    Everything in my garden is grown in pots. The containers for the bigger trees are really big. So big that it is impossible to move them around.

  3. I like the lush greeneries in your garden, Blur Ting. It would be nice to sit in your garden, reading newspaper and enjoying a cuppa coffee. At the same time, enjoying the sight of butterflies fleeting and floating among the plants and birds chirping happily away! Wow, it's like being in a paradise then!

  4. JC - You're right. It is lovely to sit out but the trouble is I don't spend enough time enjoying the patio cos I am at the office all day!